About Us​

We are a small and dedicated team of groomers who pride ourselves on the level of service we deliver.

Our aim is to provide the best pet grooming care in the industry, and by doing so we hope to build a happy & loyal customer, who's pets just love to walk in the door.

Using the best tools to do the best job. 

A Cleaner Faster Cut

We use state-of-the-art clipping technology, which means one of the best trims first time - no more back and forth over your dog - and scissoring time is reduced, which ultimately means  less time for your pet on the grooming table.  

Also, your pet's hair is vacuumed at the point of cutting so that the environment is kept clean and healthy, for your pet and our staff.

Private Cages & Minimising Cage Time

We try to minimise cage time as much as possible, but when your pup is in a cage you can be assured that he/she is in a 'private' room all of his own, or with his or her sibling.  Our cages do not allow other dogs to see them.  They are protected in a safe environment.

Great Grooming Environment

 =   Happy Dogs